Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”), a global leader in NFC (near field communication) smart-packaging solutions using printed electronics, has announced a partnership with Prime Vision, a weiterlesen
On the face of it, the automation process that Prime Vision installed for Austrian Post was a classic ParcelMatch combination of OCR, video coding and parcel image archiving.  But what made this weiterlesen
Prime Vision continues to expand its presence in the Asian market by announcing it has secured another substantial contract in China.  The project, for a major delivery service company in the weiterlesen
A new Prime Vision resource has recently opened in Sydney, Australia and its success has made it the blueprint for the development of similar facilities around the world.  The Prime Vision weiterlesen
To boost profitability, posts are not just seeking greater efficiencies throughout the process chain they are also exploring ways of adding value to the service they provide. This is an area weiterlesen
Prime Vision Smart Systems have already proven their value in the Australian market and now Europe is set to benefit from the company’s different approach to process and automation system design. weiterlesen
Early and efficient intervention to iron out any problems in postal automation systems is essential to the economic operation of all posts. Even a small loss in efficiency can have a significant weiterlesen
Prime Vision’s latest trade statistics are proof positive that postal organisations across the world are continuing to invest in automation to underpin their profitability.  The company has weiterlesen
To create a framework for future growth, the Prime Group has been established.  It is an umbrella under which complementary industry segments can be served, new initiatives pursued and new weiterlesen
Prime Vision has always advocated openness and collaboration with all interested parties to achieve the best possible solution for the customer and now it has built on this concept.  The company weiterlesen
For posts whose automation needs are relatively consistent, the standard tools within Prime Vision’s ParcelMatch and MailMatch recognition platforms provide an appropriate level of weiterlesen
Prime Vision and TNO are pleased to announce the formation of Prime Data BV, a company that will be dedicated to delivering timely intelligence and forecasting based on the availability and use weiterlesen