A new Prime Vision resource has recently opened in Sydney, Australia and its success has made it the blueprint for the development of similar facilities around the world.  The Prime Vision Experience Centre provides the means for posts to work with the company’s experts on methods of improving sorting efficiency and processing small batch and difficult-to-sort mail. 

It is designed to allow customer-specific processes to be developed, trialled and refined.  For this purpose it has been equipped with latest technology hardware and software systems that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the post.  These are not just Prime Vision products, they include a range of third party equipment, considered to be the best-of-breed, in line with the company’s commitment to complete hardware independence.

The systems include a camera tunnel with dimensioning and weighing functions mounted over a test conveyor.  This can be set up with any of the Prime Vision sorting platforms for letters, flats and parcels for process development.  The facility is currently being used to demonstrate an OCR and video coding solution that has primarily been developed for the warehousing sector but also has postal potential too.

The range of smart systems featured include the Assisted Sorting Console (ASC), Sort2Light and Prime Vision’s popular Image Lift System (ILS) which can be remotely connected to a friction or vacuum feeder to suit the application.  The KeyIT module is another highlight; a product that is the basis of a tailored multi-face video coding system for an Australian customer.

More information on the Prime Vision Experience Centre is available at


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