To boost profitability, posts are not just seeking greater efficiencies throughout the process chain they are also exploring ways of adding value to the service they provide. This is an area where much of Prime Vision’s development work is currently focussed and its latest product demonstrates what can be achieved, both in terms of revenue generation and efficiency gains, in the last mile.

Digital Mail Man is a mobile phone app that offers great potential for the introduction of new services. In effect it creates a ‘local area network’, providing unique opportunities for posts to tailor services to meet the specific requirements of the locality or region.

It also gives the postman a digital voice, allowing important information to be fed back, to improve overall service quality and efficiency. It’s suitable for iOS and Android devices and provides the means for all manner of issues to be reported in the field, anytime and anywhere.

The scope of Digital Mail Man is huge. It can be used for reporting a mis-routed mail item, a mail box too small to receive the delivery or a road accident that puts the postman behind schedule. Photographs can be taken, of a damaged mail bag or mail piece for example, that are then forwarded to the relevant department enabling returns to be processed in the field.

Thinking laterally, this potential also provides interesting revenue generating options too. For example, images of local weather conditions can be taken to build up a composite picture for ‘meteorologistic’ services and analysis.

The postman can also use Digital Mail Man to advise address anomalies to enhance the automatic sorting process. And absenteeism, a leave application and extra availability can all be reported via this versatile app.

Digital Mail Man feeds live information to management and the postman’s colleagues which leads to the transparent monitoring of mail deliveries. This allows areas that are performing well to act as an example of best practice to others.

Functionality is also easy to amend allowing new services to be swiftly deployed. New procedures can be introduced with step-by-step instructions, minimising training requirements.

“Posts are increasingly capitalising on their special qualities. Often they are the only business with many thousands of people on the street every day, each with a unique knowledge of the local area,” explained Prime Vision’s Eelco Simon. “With the necessary support, this knowledge can form the basis of new services to give posts even more competitive edge.“


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 10.01.2015 in News (In- und Ausland), Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.