29th and 30th March 2022, Coventry Building Society Arena, Stand no 924

Prime Vision is a global leader in computer vision integration and robotics for logistics and e-commerce and the Delft-based company will be showcasing its entire portfolio of products at IntraLogistex ‘22.  This award-winning company designs and integrates solutions using the latest recognition, identification, and robotics techniques to optimize the automation of sorting processes.

Centre-stage at the show are two of Prime Vision’s latest innovations; the Flow Projector (Projection Sorting) to help operators sort parcels faster and easier and Robotic Sorting (Autonomous Sorting with robots) that allows any sorting operation to be scaled up quickly.

The Flow Projector is an advanced projection sorting solution that identifies a parcel’s destination by reading its barcode and projecting the number of its sorting destination directly onto the parcel with a laser beam.  By tracking the movement of the parcel, the Flow Projector is able to keep the projected number constantly on the parcel until it is collected from the conveyor.

The benefits of this solution are no large investment costs, fast and easy installation, increase in manual sorting efficiency by up to 40% and a rapid return on investment.

Most sorting centres are static and lack the flexibility to adapt easily to changing circumstances and this is why Prime Vision introduced its Robotic Sorting concept.  Instead of fixed chutes, intelligent robots autonomously make sorting decisions for parcels.  All that is needed is a flat surface and in a few days the robots are good to go, leading to smart, flexible and future-proof sorting.

By comparison with traditional fixed solutions, Robotic Sorting carries a lower investment cost and requires a short implementation time.  It creates a flexible and easily scalable solution that quickly increases productivity and throughput of parcels.  It enables higher volumes to be handled without the uncertainty of staffing levels.

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