SwipBox: We continue to see strong growth

In 2021 SwipBox delivered more than 10,000 Infinity lockers. So far, the number of orders indicate that 2022 will beat last year’s figures as SwipBox continues to see an explosive interest in their locker solution, including from e-commerce platforms such as Greek Skroutz.

This optimistic outlook comes despite a challenging market due to COVID-19 related restrictions, pandemic lockdowns and a world economy that is struggling in general due to geopolitical tensions.

“We continue to see strong growth within our business, with existing partners looking to extend their existing locker networks and new partners joining us,” SwipBox CEO, Jens Rom, says.

One of the new partners is Skroutz, the biggest e-commerce platform in Greece. Indeed, they were not only a new partner but also a new partner type as they deal with the whole customer journey from e-commerce platform to last mile. This June they successfully completed a pilot of Infinity lockers and have now started rolling out a larger network – and Skroutz are just one out of several partners who are finalising a successful pilot period with Infinity lockers and starting out their roll out. Jens continues: “We are now operating in 10 countries with 15 of the world’s biggest logistics operators and e-commerce partners – and we are in close dialogue with new partners who are ready to start operating with the Infinity solution.”

Expectations for 2022 are high. In fact, SwipBox expect to deliver more than 15,000 lockers – a significant increase compared with the 10,000 lockers delivered in 2021, which was a record year for SwipBox. “Compared to this time last year we are well ahead in terms of revenue,” Jens Rom
comments. According to him the reason behind this huge demand can be found in SwipBox’s ability to adapt to the market’s needs and focus on developing the best hightech products that fit tomorrow’s needs.

Comments on the component situation

It is no secret that companies worldwide – including SwipBox – are faced with a critical component situation. However, as Jens Rom comments:  “We have managed to secure the critical components we need for our production to maintain momentum. This means that we have been able to deliver to our partners as planned – and we will continue to do so.”

Quelle: www.swipbox.com

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