Biggest e-commerce platform in Greece is rolling out SwipBox parcel locker network

The biggest e-commerce platform in Greece, Skroutz, is commencing installation of a nationwide network of battery-driven Infinity lockers from SwipBox – and the first lockers are already live and ready to use

 The first parcel lockers were installed in March, primarily in Athens, and will be used to gain feedback for the next stage of the nationwide rollout.

Skroutz supports the full customer journey. This means that in addition to operating the e-commerce platform, they also deliver the orders to the customers. In other words: They invest heavily in the excellent customer experience having full control in the first and the last mile of the parcel journey.

The Infinity parcel locker solution is supplied by Danish tech company SwipBox, and the network will be operated by Skroutz. The parcel lockers will be located on convenient locations for end users such as housing estates, petrol stations, shopping centres etc.

Stefanos Katsimpas, Business Director at Skroutz Last Mile says: “We believe that the Skroutz Point offering will help us scale our courier service while maintaining a robust customer experience with high NPS scores. Scaling a locker network is a complex operational procedure and we believe that SwipBox’s Infinity product will help minimize installation effort and scale even faster.”

For SwipBox, this is a new type of business partner as they normally deal with carriers rather than retailers. Skroutz is both of these, and the collaboration with them and their type of setup has been a natural next step for SwipBox:

“Our partnership with Skroutz shows that there is room in the market for new initiatives and new ways of thinking first and last mile solutions. SwipBox is a tech company that delivers to the whole value chain, and we are happy to do this with such an innovative thinking partner as Skroutz Last Mile”, Nicki Schousboe, Senior Sales Manager at SwipBox says.

Danish company SwipBox is the developer behind the innovative Bluetooth Infinity lockers, which are app-operated and run on batteries. This makes them easy and fast to install as there is no need for an external power supply or an instant internet connection.


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 07.04.2022 in News (In- und Ausland).