10,000 SwipBox parcel lockers installed in 2021

2021 has been a remarkable year for SwipBox. With the installation of 10,000 parcel lockers worldwide, the Danish company has provided convenience for consumers all over the world.

With a tripling in the number of parcel lockers installed worldwide and a doubling of customers, SwipBox can look back on an extremely successful year. While the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to this, it is by no means the whole answer.

Asked about the reason for SwipBox’s success, CEO Jens Rom says, “The number one reason for our success is no doubt the flexibility and simplicity of our product combined with the low costs of ownership – qualities that have earned our parcel lockers a solid reputation and piqued the interest of new customers.”

Sales driven by the SwipBox Infinity solution

However, SwipBox’s success is not only based on new customers, but just as importantly on the
continued rollout among its existing customers, who have found SwipBox parcel lockers a great
addition to their other parcel distribution options in an effort to keep up with the boom in online

In particular, the increased sale has been driven by the outdoor SwipBox Infinity solution. Since
it runs on a battery and all communication is done via Bluetooth, the parcel locker does not need
any cabling for power supplies or routers, which means that it can be installed anywhere in just
five minutes.

Flexibility is key

According to Jens Rom, this flexibility has been the key to the Infinity success. As he explains, “With the SwipBox Infinity solution, parcel providers can quickly build dense networks, which can easily be adapted to accommodate changing needs. Couriers can deliver and pick up parcels through an intuitive, dedicated app, and end customers can pick up their parcels when it suits them using their phone or even an Apple Watch. And our numbers clearly show that this strategy works.”

Looking ahead

So what is in store for 2022? According to Jens Rom, the mission is clear: Beating this year’s numbers and establishing a presence in even more countries.

Quelle: www.swipbox.com


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