Expand your E-Commerce business internationally

Lengow, Textmaster and E-services Group, three cross-border ecommerce experts, pool their expertise to help retailers master their cross-border strategy. With this compilation of trends, tips and good practices, broaden your horizons and put the odds on your side to conquer new markets.


In this e-book, have a first glance at market opportunities; discover the fundamentals and latest trends in cross-border e-commerce as well as essential data to identify potential markets. Every day millions of purchases are being made online. eMarketer estimates that e-commerce will account for 14.6% of total worldwide retail sales, topping $4 trillion by 2020. And a large majority of online shoppers are not letting borders stop them from finding better products, availability and prices. According to Forrester, cross-border transactions will outperform domestic transactions at a compound rate of 17% between 2017 and 2022. In Europe, Germany and the UK receive a strong spotlight in the cross-border e-commerce field, but smaller markets, such as Cyprus, Malta, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, have a big role to play as well. These countries had the highest cross-border penetration. But the largest and fastest growing e-commerce and cross-border markets are all in the Asia-Pacific region, with China being the leader. In this white paper, explore relevant cross-border strategies implemented by brands such as Zalando, Amazon, Vente-privée, and others.


The benefits of internationalization are obvious: expansion of the market volume, growth prospects, visibility and more. Yet exporting your business is not without risk if you are not prepared. International development involves methodology, taking market specificity into account, including culture, trends, consumer buying behavior, as well as monitoring local competitors.

You will need to adapt your content, by either localising or translating it and build an acquisition strategy by choosing your distribution channels.

Learn the fundamentals on shipping methods, taxes and duties, certifications and customs restrictions. From logistics to inventory management and final delivery methods, find out our tips for offering a quality of service that equals that of your domestic market.

With this white paper, you can be sure to identify all the important aspects of your internationalization strategy.

“By uniting their know-how and expertise, Lengow, TextMaster and E-Services Group make the Cross-Border possible for many brands,” Nenad Cetkovic, COO Lengow

We’re excited to be partnering with Lengow and TextMaster on this project. As cross-border ecommerce grows it’s becoming harder for retailers to navigate the complexities involved at every stage, so leveraging the experience of our combined expertise is a winning combination when it comes to scaling on a global basis.Alan Lim, CEO E-Services Group.

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