To create a framework for future growth, the Prime Group has been established.  It is an umbrella under which complementary industry segments can be served, new initiatives pursued and new partnerships forged.  It ensures structured and specialised diversification in different markets with innovative pattern recognition and data processing as the common denominators.

Prime Vision remains the largest group company and the foundation upon which skills have been developed that have spawned new business opportunities. Recently awarded “Top Financially Healthy Companies of 2014” by Graydon, its principle business interests are postal automation and support, but this expertise also extends to industry at large where pattern recognition for warehousing and logistics is a growing market.

Technology is the key, not only to greater profitability, but also to survival for many posts. Prime Competence came into being to provide a source of truly independent and specialist knowledge to guide postal organisations through the process of boosting productivity and introducing new services. Prime Competence has smashed all expectations for contract awards and is currently expanding the team to meet demand.

Whilst both Prime Vision and Prime Competence operate globally, the two newest Group companies are currently focused largely on the home market in The Netherlands.  The first is Prime Ear that specialises in speech-recognition technology and has developed solutions for the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the police, broadcast organisations and hospitals.

The second is Prime Data.  This new ICT company offers a fresh approach to turning ‘big data’ into competitive advantage.  A typical example of its work is the capture of real-time information on traffic movement to create smart data for effective traffic management.  Like Prime Competence, Prime Data has met with considerable initial success with its first €1m+ contract awarded and a massive scaling up of the team.

Indeed, traffic management is a burgeoning market for pattern recognition and the Prime Group.  Eddy Thans, CEO, commented. “The new group structure enables us to easily pursue opportunities that our core technologies present for new markets or applications. This includes forming joint-ventures in order to combine technologies and bring new capabilities to market.” One such example is the new partnership between Prime Group and ARS T&TT B.V. that has resulted in the formation of Scapeye B.V. to bring innovative technological solutions to the traffic market.

“It’s all about diversification not dilution,” added Eddy Thans. “None of our customers need fear our expansion.  We won’t lose our flexibility or specialisation.  Each of the Prime Group companies will remain small and highly focussed; there will simply be more of them.”

He concluded: “The state-owned research company, TNO, remains the academic shareholder for all Prime Group entities so innovation in high-tech recognition remains at the heart of everything we do. By expanding the scope of our research and development, each of our markets will benefit from technology exchange.  And our customers will have the assurance that they are dealing with a group of companies that is both stable and vibrant.”


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