Prime Vision has always advocated openness and collaboration with all interested parties to achieve the best possible solution for the customer and now it has built on this concept.  The company has appointed a dedicated technical sales engineer to work directly with systems integrators and materials handling companies. 

He is Tanaka Moyo and his role is to ensure the channels of communication are always open and details of new research and development exchanged so that the best hardware and software solution for the task is identified.

“Prime Vision is known for its OCR and video coding capabilities but we also have substantial R&D resources at our disposal, both in house and through our close links with TNO, the largest research body in The Netherlands,” Tanaka explained.

He continued: “As a result we are able to engineer some very effective software solutions for our OEM and systems integration colleagues. Our positive engagement is a beneficial move for everyone and especially the customer.”

Tanaka Moyo first worked with Prime Vision as an intern in 2009.  He subsequently joined the project management team and was directly involved in a proof-of-concept project for the company’s image archiving and revenue protection capabilities.  More recently he moved into technical sales and now, in addition to having special responsibility for OEM business development, he is also a key accounts manager.

In conclusion Tanaka added “Several new developments in our ParcelMatch and LogisticsMatch platform translate to significant benefits for OEM’s and materials handling integrators and their clients, so this is an exciting time to be working together. Examples include new strategies for handling reject items on the sorter such that 100% of items may be processed whilst still on the sorter rather than being handled manually at a reject line. Detection of forms and dangerous goods labels are another example where we offer new innovations, so give me a call to explore what we can do for you.”

Quelle: www.primevision.com

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