CONFIGURE IT: Putting posts in the driving seat


For posts whose automation needs are relatively consistent, the standard tools within Prime Vision’s ParcelMatch and MailMatch recognition platforms provide an appropriate level of configuration management for tasks such as loading and updating databases and managing video-coding modes. 

No operator is the same, however, and every market has different characteristics. So increasingly posts are calling for greater flexibility and the freedom to adapt processes and resources themselves.  And it is to meet this need that Prime Vision has introduced CONFIGURE-IT.

CONFIGURE-IT is a user-friendly module that is easily integrated into either of the Prime Vision open platforms which allows the configuration of system components.  It incorporates tools for database management, interfaces, sort planning, file management and much more, enabling the post to introduce or modify operations without having to involve Prime Vision in making software changes.

With CONFIGURE-IT, all business rules, processes and resources become configurable whether they may be associated with sorting, character recognition, video-coding, databases or revenue recovery and protection.

Different administration consoles can be delivered for local and central control for multiple sorting centre platforms or nationwide platforms. CONFIGURE-IT can import central and other databases for address learning, for example, and standardises the format for use by third party and back office systems.

CONFIGURE-IT has considerable application scope but will typically be used for sampling, coding plans, data exchange and quality control.  It is also ideal for scheduling sorting plans and pool management, allowing the operations manager to decide which tasks are to be performed by different devices


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 23.04.2014 in News (In- und Ausland), Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.