Marketing Communications to PV Audience Introduction of “Prime Data BV”:_ PRIME VISION & TNO ANNOUNCE NEW Cooperation


Prime Vision and TNO are pleased to announce the formation of Prime Data BV, a company that will be dedicated to delivering timely intelligence and forecasting based on the availability and use of information popularly described as ‘Big Data’. The technology used in the company is based on developments by TNO.

‘Big data’ has become a familiar term. Vast amounts of information are becoming available through a whole range of systems – think of the many sensor systems such as monitoring cameras, induction loops in roads, sensors for flood management or the very many GPS enabled smart-phone apps. The purpose of information creation is to combine data from all conceivable sources and process them into valuable information.

Professor Mayer-Schönberger at the Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University claims that ‘Big Data’ will be a “revolution that will transform how we live, work and think”.  No small claim, however the reality is that this revolution is already with us.  In fact, a development team at TNO has been developing and researching the technologies, strategies and potential utilisation cases for several years that has culminated in the new spin-off company Prime Data.

Prime Data and Prime Vision have many things in common.  Both companies are active in sectors and mission-critical technologies that hundreds of millions of consumers will rely upon every day.  For Prime Vision, that is the postal and logistics markets primarily, for Prime Data target markets are diverse, from travel, municipalities, governmental, energy, health and built environment and many more.  Initially the company is focussing on the travel, traffic and logistics market.

Prime Data and Prime Vision also have another aspect in common, their CEO Eddy Thans!  Other key members of the team include Sander van der Aa, Manager Operations & New Business Development and Paul van den Haak, R&D Manager.

Eddy Thans comments “The formation of Prime Data is an exciting time for us, within a very exciting and fast-moving market.  This new venture has great potential for contributing to the technological core-competencies of our Prime Vision business.  In fact our R&D teams are already collaborating and sharing ideas that benefit both businesses.  Prime Data is all about collating, processing and making sense of huge amounts of information – something that our MailMatch and ParcelMatch platforms are doing for postal operators around the world every day.  With Prime Data, we are making a considerable technological leap in capability, so I’m very excited about the future of both companies as you can imagine”.


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