New microsite for letters and flats platform


MailMatch is a complete letters and flats automation platform from Prime Vision that is a perfect example of client-led development. In fact, every single aspect of functionality has been defined by the leading postal operators around the world and is now available to benefit the wider postal community. To highlight the role an open platform such as MailMatch can play in posts’ automation strategy; Prime Vision has launched a dedicated microsite at

PV115 MailMatch website

In common with ParcelMatch, the Prime Vision parcel automation platform, MailMatch is open and modular.  Indeed, it is the product’s flexibility that is fuelling its commercial success in both newly built and established automation systems.

Many posts have taken advantage of established MailMatch interfaces for major sorting machines and other system components.  Others have asked Prime Vision to develop custom interfaces in collaboration with preferred suppliers.

At the operational and process level, MailMatch manages many forms of data capture from the mail piece collected live during the sorting process.  In addition to address information, this can include indicia, meter marks, logos, graphics, dimensions and weight.

All mail piece data is managed in a single platform that assesses the collected data in order to support various functions – from accurate sorting and route planning to revenue recovery and protection and beyond.

As MailMatch is based on Prime Vision’s award winning RecoWorld OCR and ICR technology it is proving particularly beneficial to postal organisations that wish to improve their existing read rates.  It is often incorporated as a ‘reject reader’, processing mail piece images unresolved by the first line or existing OCR engine.

The new microsite gives the postal industry direct access to a wealth of information on MailMatch, including application examples, testimonials and the available Prime Vision support options for the product.


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