Record year heralds recruitment programme

Prime Vision is again bucking the trend.  While many companies involved in automation technology are halting recruitment or even shedding staff, Prime Vision is actively extending its team.

Based inDelftin The Netherlands, Prime Vision has grown consistently.  Year on year it has met its target, averaging 10% per annum.  Last year that figure rose to 20%, resulting in 2012 breaking all previous sales records.

“Most of our customers are now seeking to optimise their established automation systems and Prime Vision’s growth has certainly been boosted by our investment in specialists to help posts reduce their costs,” explained Prime Vision’s Head of Marketing, Mark Ryder.

He continued: “In the last twelve months we have been involved in a significant number of projects involving outsourced web coding, indicia recognition and other methods of revenue recovery.”

The creation of an independent and dedicated consultancy division, Prime Competence, has also proved pivotal in the company’s growth.  Customers are increasingly using its expertise to add functionality and introduce greater flexibility to accommodate market changes and protect revenue.

To underpin this ongoing work Prime Vision appointed two senior software engineers in December 2012 and a third will start in January 2013.  This is in addition to a trainee in its software department and two junior engineers – one in support and the other in application software.  Prime Vision inAustraliahas also just engaged a senior systems engineer.

As 2013 progresses, Prime Vision’s recruitment drive is set to continue.


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