Åland Post Selects Syslore OCR X Address Reading System

Syslore Ltd. – the leading developer of high-performance address matching and recognition solutions for postal and logistics companies, has signed a contract with Åland Post Ltd for the delivery of Syslore OCR eXpress (OCR X) address reading system.

“We are very delighted to start cooperation with the Åland Post”, comments Syslore VP of Sales, Søren Boll. “Syslore OCR X is a highly efficient and easy to integrate address reading system, especially designed for smaller postal operators, such as Åland Post. This is also again, an important joint-project with our partner Neopost, as Syslore OCR X system is integrated with the Neopost MSA-9600 mail sorting and accounting machine. By using the combined Syslore OCR X and Neopost MSA-9600 sorting system, the Åland Post will significantly increase the sorting automation and efficiency for processing mixed mail items”, Mr. Boll continues.

“The Åland Post has for some time been considering the purchase of a sorting machine with a software that is easy to use both for smaller and larger mail quantities. Many of the options available in the market are suitable for the larger postal operators and this means that the costs for adapting the machine and software for our business grows too high compared to the business advantage we would get. With the Syslore/Neopost-solution, we get a package deal that is fitted for our specific needs”, comments Mrs. Eivor Granberg, Business Area Director of the Åland Post Ltd.

“We are happy to see that the joined Syslore/Neopost vision on the growing market of mid-sized mail operators worked so well for Åland Post’s needs”, says Johan Widerberg, Neopost Sales Manager. “Their need for accurate mail accounting of mail coming from different customers, while doing the first 2 rounds of sorting in the same go, is what the MSA-9600/OCR X combination has been designed for.”

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