Prime Vision: Cost saving systems evaluation for asian businesses

The ever increasing standard of living and higher levels of disposable income inAsiahave created a burgeoning domestic market for consumer goods.  Many of these products are sold via the Internet and TV shopping channels.

This in turn has created massive parcel traffic, creating exciting opportunities for Prime Vision’s ParcelMatch and LogisticsMatch suite of products.  Both are now proven systems for boosting system productivity and efficiency and have the ideal attributes for Asian manufacturing and logistics companies seeking to take advantage of this business boom.

Prime Vision has now established a South East Asian Office inTaiwanto provide local sales and service support in the region and Chris Leon has been appointed to head the operation. Originally from the UK, he has been a resident in Taiwan for almost two years and comes from an auto ID background.

Chris is currently learning Mandarin Chinese and highly enthusiastic about the clear business potential for Prime Vision.  He explains: “Faster manual data entry and improved accuracy are key areas where Prime Vision can provide expertise and solutions. Performance and cost advantages of automation can be clearly demonstrated from Prime Vision installations throughout the world and I’m really looking forward to bringing these benefits to Asian businesses.”

To this end Prime Vision, spearheaded by Chris Leon inTaiwan, is offering Asian companies direct access to its Competence Centre, its customer support division, for recognition technology and automation.  Within its scope is the evaluation of existing systems to identify potential for greater productivity and cost savings.


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