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YunExpress, Elogistic and Super Smart Service rebrand as CIRRO in Europe, North America, and Oceania

YunExpress, Elogistic, and Super Smart Service are rebranding as CIRRO, with a newly designed logo and brand identity that will be gradually implemented across markets in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

The rebranding reflects CIRRO’s commitment to integrating an extensive and diversifying suite of resources and services to meet the growing demand for cross-border e-commerce, while reaffirming its dedication to ‘glocalization’.

CIRRO’s two sub-brands, CIRRO E-Commerce and CIRRO Fulfillment, offer comprehensive, exceptional e-commerce logistics and fulfillment services. With a physical presence in over 30 European, North American and Oceanian countries, CIRRO connects e-commerce clients globally. CIRRO E-Commerce provides domestic and cross-border logistics services across more than 100 logistics routes and more than 40 logistics hubs, with a focus on creating seamless customer experiences and maximizing efficiency. Meanwhile, CIRRO Fulfillment specializes in omnichannel fulfillment services. It owns over 80 fulfillment centers, giving it 1,200,000 m² of storage space in total.

The name CIRRO was inspired by the Latin word ‘cirrus’, meaning a curly high cloud. This references the company’s links to the sky through the movement of e-commerce parcels by air. The inclusion of the harmonic ‘zero’ symbolizes CIRRO’s dedication to protecting the environment by reducing unnecessary consumption and emissions. The refreshed brand identity combines the colors ‘Friendly Sky Blue’ and ‘Advanced Supply Green’, reflecting the company’s commitment to operating sustainably, efficiently, and resourcefully.

With its mission of delivering unmatched logistics and fulfillment services in a thoughtful and sustainable way, CIRRO is devoted to helping customers save costs, time, and peace of mind, while reducing their environmental footprints. In line with its value of ‘Efficiency for Good’, CIRRO aims to maximize efficiency in goods flow and warehouse management, and seamlessly connect global logistics and fulfillment layouts, while minimizing its impact on the planet for years to come. CIRRO also aspires to continually improve its services by eradicating inefficiencies throughout its supply chain.

Jack Peng, CEO CIRRO: “With our rebranded offering, CIRRO will be able to achieve global connectivity, provide both logistics and fulfillment services for e-commerce sector, and continue driving efficiency in operational management. Supported by our customer-centric approach, these combined capabilities will enable CIRRO’s customers to achieve their growth ambitions, while doing the right thing for the planet and society at large. We are excited about what the future holds!”

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