Gaius Automotive Competes for 2022 Parcel & Postal Technology International Awards

Gaius’ tilting three-wheel electric vehicle, Rapide 3, was nominated for the category “Transport Innovation” of the 2022 Parcel & Postal Technology International Awards. The awards, held for 14 years, aim to honor the latest achievements and developments in the global postal industry. Winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony at Parcel + Post Expo, held on October 18-20, 2022, in Frankfurt, Germany. Gaius will also present two Rapide 3 vehicles at the Parcel + Post Expo this year.

“We are honored to be nominated for the award. Gaius’ Rapide 3 is specifically designed to meet
fleet customers’ demand for heavy-duty, long-range and safe vehicles while meeting their ESGs
goals,” said Anthony Wei, CEO of Gaius.

The Rapide 3 has been developed and adapted to meet the requirements of fleet customers. With
its 1000-liter cargo box and 13kW peak power boosting the maximum speed of 90km/h, Rapide 3
makes possible effective and fast deliveries.  To achieve a high level of safety, Rapide 3 is designed to
tilt into turns for optimal traction, maneuverability and balance even with a full load, using a unique
35-degree tilting system that makes cornering effortless and stable, even at high speeds. Riders can
easily maneuver without fighting the cargo’s weight. The vehicle is equipped with two battery sizes,
14.5kwh and 11kwh, providing a range from 100km to 150km (210km based on WMTC test).  The
three-wheeler is equipped with safety features such as an anti-lock braking system (ABS), digital
video recorder (DVR), blind-spot detection and reverse assist camera.

Gaius smart fleet management system allows fleet managers to receive vital operational information
such as up-to-the-minute location, energy consumption, and maintenance and repair information
for every Rapide 3 in the fleet. Each vehicle is offered an intelligent charging system, which ensures
that all vehicles of a large fleet are fully charged when they are needed.

Rapide 3 will be launched in Taiwan and overseas markets at the end of 2022 and early 2023,
respectively. Gaius is actively working with e-commerce and logistics companies on delivery trials
and test drives. With positive feedback on delivery efficiency and load capacity received after several
delivery trials, Rapide 3 is expected to be an efficient and sustainable addition to logistics fleet.


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