Parcely by Postis. All deliveries in one place

Postis launched in Romania the first integrated Track & Trace application for all orders, from any retailer, through any courier

Postis, Romania’s #1 digital platform for delivery management, automation and optimization, launches Parcely, the first integrated Track & Trace application for end-customers. They are able to track transparently, directly from their mobile phone, all the orders they are about to receive, regardless of the store from which they made the purchase or the courier used for delivery.

New experiences for end-customers

 Everything at their fingertips

The status of all their orders is tracked in one place, directly on their mobile phone, without having to periodically check other applications or sites.

In real-time

At every stage of delivery (from order processing by the merchant to the actual delivery), the app provides information and notifications on status changes are pushed as soon as they occur.


Artificial Intelligence Algorithms estimate the time frame in which orders are to be delivered, when they are optimized through the Postis Platform.

Direct communication with the retailer or courier

For each order in the list, customers have the contact details of the courier or the merchant, so that they can communicate when needed.

Their opinion matters

Once the order arrives at its destination, customers can provide ratings and feedbacks so that deliveries get better and better, always.

Everything is in order

Orders remain in the personal archive of each buyer even after delivery, so they will be able to quickly find information about the store from where they purchased, in case they need return, warranty or after-market services.

Everything is free

Parcely by Postis can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store, and is free to use regardless of the merchant they purchased from or the courier through which the order is delivered.

At launch, Parcely by Postis is available in Romania and is planned to be deployed in 2022 across Europe. Interested to know when it will be launched in your country? Leave us your e-mail and we’ll let you know ASAP.

More benefits for retailers

Parcely by Postis is carrier agnostic

End-customers can track in one single place all their orders placed in an online or brick & mortar store, no matter how many couriers are used by retailers to streamline their delivery ecosystem.

Communication with their customers is automated

When optimized through the Postis Platform, data related to orders is automatically retrieved, and notifications are sent to the buyer with additional information and merchant’s branding.

Close to customers, even after they left the store

The order status is updated in real time, and the increased transparency has a direct effect to a better shopping experience, from click to delivery. Moreover, the feedbacks provided by customers at the end of deliveries allow merchants to know immediately what went well and what needs to be improved, and brand loyalty increases with each delivery.

Innovative customer experiences, lower costs for the merchant

In-app push notifications complement or may completely replace notification messages via SMS or email, which may incur additional costs or delays in updating information.

And that’s just the beginning

The Parcely by Postis mobile app is constantly being developed with new features to optimize and improve deliveries and increase customer loyalty.

„Ever since the company was established, in more than 5 years of delivery optimizations for our platform’s customers, we have identified the main needs and problems that end-customers face. It often happens that the enthusiasm of receiving an order is overshadowed by the experience of a less happy delivery.

The Parcely by Postis mobile app was developed based on a study about the Click-to-Door shopping experience conducted last year, in which we analyzed over 15 million clicks, translated into over 500,000 online orders, for 35 retailers using the Postis Platform, from the perspective of 64 e-commerce metrics. In total, over 1 billion datapoints were analyzed, and the findings helped us develop the functionalities that both end-customers and retailers need in order not to spoil the joy of shopping.”

Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner Postis

We care about the joy of online shopping. So, whether you are a retailer or an end-customer, download the app and enjoy the new Parcely by Postis experience. And if you want more about what Postis can do for you, give us a call and we’re ready to help.


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 15.08.2022 in News (In- und Ausland).
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