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Voltia has handed over the first vehicles to DPD

Voltia, which recently unveiled new electric van models based on the Stellantis platform, has handed over the first vehicles to DPD for their corporate fleet. In cooperation with LeasePlan Slovakia and Emil Frey Group Slovakia, the importer of brands belonging to Stellantis, the company took advantage of a new development in the operating leasing market.

Voltia, the European leader in urban electric vans, announces the handover of the first 11 m3 vehicles on the platform of one of the world’s largest car manufacturers – Stellantis – to DPD. For the first time in Europe, a dedicated leasing product has been used to finance them and a new addition to Voltia’s product portfolio, developed in collaboration with LeasePlan, a leading provider of vehicle operating lease services. This is the first such cooperation involving, in addition to Voltia, a leader in vehicle operating leasing (LeasePlan) and an importer of cars belonging to the Stellantis family (Emil Frey Group).

By changing the attributes of traditional leasing and adapting them to the specifics of electric vans, Voltia has created an operating lease product that is specifically designed for this type of vehicle. It allows to significantly reduce the monthly payments for fully electric vans to an amount that is lower or equal to the lease of the diesel version (which in Slovak conditions means the „magic“ limit of about EUR 500). The price per cubic metre of space is now less than EUR 3,500. By expanding its product portfolio, Voltia is thus making an even greater contribution to the important common goal of electrifying and decarbonising Europe.

„We have been successfully using Voltia’s electric vans for several years and we are very pleased to be able to expand our fleet by dozens more units and thus once again strengthen our position as a fleet electric vehicle pioneer in Slovakia. By the end of the year, our fleet will already consist of more than 100 electric vans,“ explains Peter Pavuk, Managing Director of DPD in Slovakia.

„This collaboration between several different partners is an example of how the transition of companies to electromobility can be accelerated and simplified today. More specifically, to help them convert their fleets at the price of diesel. It is true that the Stellantis models, which we introduced last autumn, are being produced in our new premises in Nitra and, if necessary, we are ready to expand our capacities with foreign partners in France, Great Britain or Germany,“ adds Juraj Ulehla, founder of Voltia.

The Stellantis eK0 platform, which Voltia chose last year, has huge potential. In addition, it is perfectly suited for urban delivery. The company is thus responding to the increased demands of companies in the post-pandemic period, but also to the ever-increasing delivery times for new vehicles.

Rastislav Podlipný, CEO of LeasePlan Slovakia, adds: „I believe that this type of cooperation will not only simplify the transition of companies to electromobility, but may also inspire other entities to similar partnerships.“

The range of the 50 kWh battery version is 200 km, the 75 kWh version up to 280 km. Payload ranges from 800 to 1 000 kg. The total cost saving over 10 years per van is more than EUR 24,000. The battery warranty is 8 years or 160 thousand kilometres. Price without subsidy starts in Slovakia at EUR 35,950 (base vehicle plus conversion, price in individual countries may vary according to the possibility or impossibility of subsidy for an electric vehicle). The advantage is also a wide OEM service network.

Matúš Paľa, CEO of the Emil Frey Group in Slovakia, the representative of the Stellantis Group brands, concludes, „As the representative of the importer of the Group brands, I fully support this project and believe it can help electrify Europe. It is an excellent opportunity for the Slovak automotive industry to show itself to the world again.“

Voltia currently has clients in 17 European countries. In addition to conversions, it also advises its customers on how to switch to an electric fleet (data analysis, suitable routes, charging optimization, online training, etc.) or how to create a functional ecosystem (cars, finance, other tools for the transition). It has even developed its own Voltia Buddy app to communicate effectively with drivers, with useful and practical advice.

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