Escher announces global brand refresh

Escher Group, a world-leading provider of point-of-service software for use in the postal, retail and financial industries, has launched a complete brand refresh today.

It emphasizes Escher’s continued dynamism in the postal industry and reflects a new chapter in the evolution of Escher as a company. The refresh highlights Escher’s philosophy of building solutions that are functional for the post, with the end-consumer’s experience at their core.

Logo and tagline

The redesigned logo reinforces Escher’s commitment to posts during this time of emerging technology and consumer demands on posts. Visually, it immediately identifies the Company, with Escher being the focus and the slogan ‘we understand post’ highlighting our unrivalled knowledge of the postal industry.

With over 30 years in the Postal industry, Escher has garnered a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities and intricacies across different geographies and has maintained the goal to continue to bring postal services to everyone, anywhere.

The brand refresh

Escher has worked with IDEA, a branding agency, and 256 Media, a content marketing agency, both based in Dublin, to develop the new image.

The brand focuses on humanizing what can often be complex solutions through displaying how they benefit the day to day lives of the postal operator, post office and the end consumer.


The new look is complemented with a new website (developed by ebow, the digital agency in Dublin) designed to show how Escher’s solutions benefit not only the Postal Operator but also the local Post Offices and the end consumers.

Fionnuala Higgins, Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We are continually evolving as a company and a priority of that evolution was to better position Escher to reflect our commitment to being a trusted adviser for posts.

“The new brand serves to emphasizes the dedication of our global team to help posts succeed in all areas of their business.”

“It is an exciting time in Escher with the launch of this new chapter and we look forward to continuing our work with posts globally.”

Ciaran Flanagan, Managing Director, IDEA, said:

“Escher is a world leader in digital transactions. This new brand evolution represents the company as the secure and responsive global entity it has become.

“The new ‚tone of voice‘, logo and colour palette delivers confidence, innovation and leadership throughout the suite of communications materials that will be disseminated to multiple audiences globally.

“Escher’s philosophy of ‘constant improvement’ inspires elegant innovation and has made it easy for us at IDEA Dublin to develop a similarly elegant and sophisticated new and exciting brand.”

Karen Hesse, Managing Director, 256 Media, said:

“Words matter: they change how we feel and act. A brand’s tone of voice is expressed in the words they use to bring their brand to life – so defining a tone of voice to fit Escher’s brand refresh was a hugely rewarding job for the 256 Content Team.

“We wanted to convey a sense of Escher’s thought leadership through its communication strategy, while bringing its words to life with friendly language that expresses how straightforward, direct and dynamic its business is.”

David Douglas, Managing Director, ebow, the digital agency, said:

“Working on the digital positioning of Escher’s new brand has resulted in a website that we are proud to add to our portfolio and proud to have been part of.

The new site will serve Escher’s commitment to excellence and, we believe, help them to continue their position as the global solutions provider for posts.”


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