Spring Global Delivery Solutions launches new RFID Tag & Trace


Spring Global Delivery Solutions (Spring) is pleased to be the first to offer e-commerce businesses RFID tracking on goods sent internationally.

Tag & Trace gives online retailers sending low value goods around the world tracking at minimal cost.

An RFID tag – using radio frequency identification – is attached to the packet or parcel carrying those goods by the retailer and they and the consumer can receive information on the goods being shipped and follow their delivery journey.


Tag & Trace features up to 13 tracking events along the logistics chain; allowing you to see when the goods arrive in the destination country, when it’s awaiting customs clearance and when the goods are out for delivery to the customer.

Because an RFID tag is read at each tracking event through radio waves rather than hand-scanning human error is reduced. The RFID tags offer a near 100% read quality.

If the retailer is working with third party logistics they can now gain new valuable insight into their performanceby seeing exactly when the goods leave the warehouse and following their journey to their final destination.

Spring recognises that status updates, shipment information and delivery speed are extremely important to e-commercebusinesses.


„Sometimes the cost of a full tracking service doesn’t make sense for certain goods. So Spring has created Tag & Trace which will provide retailers and customers with essential information previously unavailable.

The result is that retailers give an even better customer service,add value to their business and stand out from the competition,“ said Paul Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing UK, Spring Global Delivery Solutions.

Tag & Trace is simple to use and flexible. Retailers are not bound to use Tag & Trace all the time and can decide when they want to use a Tag & Trace label.When used the RFID data is easily integrated into the retailer’s automated systems.

For further information and sales enquiries please contact marketing.glm@springglobalmail.com

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