At Pack Expo, HERMA US Inc. to Showcase Tamper-Evident Labeling Machine with Serialization Capabilities, Among Other Equipment: Other Modules Include HERMA 362E, 132M and 400 Labeling Machines


HERMA US Inc., the newly-formed subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – will showcase several enhanced labeling machines at Pack Expo Booth #W-694, November 6-9 in Chicago.


Designed for healthcare customers, the HERMA Tamper-Evident Machine with Serialization can outfit a wide range of pharmaceutical cartons with anti-counterfeiting and track & trace features. Compact and user-friendly, the machine enables each individual carton to be printed with a unique identity and 2D matrix code, which is produced by sophisticated software linked to a vision system. The data from all serialized cartons is stored, allowing each pack to be traced back to the manufacturer at any point in the supply chain.

The module also applies a tamper-evident label to each end of the carton, providing a secure seal and ensuring that opened packages cannot be resealed without detection. The machine reaches a maximum speed of 300 products per minute, and is compatible with vision systems from all major suppliers. Operated from one side, the machine is also available with a 3rd label applicator for vignette labeling

Also featured at Pack Expo is the HERMA 362E Side Labeling System. Fast, durable, and compact, the 362E has an excellent price-performance ratio. the machine is capable of one or two-sided labelling, as well as wrap-around labelling with a roller prism or a short application belt. For two-sided labelling, the 362E reaches a maximum speed of 140 products per minute; for wrap-around applications, the machines can handle up to 70 products per minute, depending on product and label length.

Product height can range between 50-290mm, with a maximum diameter of 100mm. The machine’s pivot beak is mechanically suspended or pneumatic, with a fixed dispensing beak available for wrap-around applications. Printer integration also is possible.

HERMA will also display the HERMA 132M, a high speed turret-based wrap-around labeling machine featuring a rotating star wheel for precise product transport. The 132M handles containers and glass bottles 16-80mm in diameter at speeds of up to 300/minute, can be outfitted with a wide range of printing and vision systems, and features automatic rejection of out-of-specification labels before they are applied. The HERMA 132M boasts a solid reputation: more than 100 already have been successfully incorporated on the packaging lines of leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Rounding out HERMA’s show display is its signature HERMA 400 Label Applicator, around which all of the company’s labeling solutions are based. With over 15,000 produced to date, the HERMA 400 features a high speed servo drive capable of achieving speeds over 500 feet/minute. Its main advantage is that, whatever the configuration, the basic servo drive unit remains the same — one unit, one development, one spare part. Thanks to the wide range of modules available, the HERMA 400 can be integrated into any production line or be built into a labeling machine specifically developed to suit individual requirements.


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