HERMA US to Open Equipment Showroom & Testing Facility in Fairfield, NJ Headquarters: Among Other Machines, New Space to Feature HERMA 132M Wrap-Around Labeling Machine, Capable of Handling 300 Bottles/min.


HERMA US Inc., the newly-formed subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels & materials to the global packaging marketplace – is set to open a showroom at its Fairfield, NJ headquarters. The space will allow HERMA to showcase its range of advanced labeling machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as display other equipment from the company’s extensive portfolio.  The facility also will be outfitted as a pre-delivery testing site for recently purchased machines.

Among the machines available for demonstration in the new showroom will be the HERMA 132M, a wrap-around, high speed labeling machine featuring a rotating star wheel for precise product transport.  The HERMA 132M handles containers and glass bottles 16-80mm in diameter at speeds of up to 300 per minute.  The machine can be outfitted with a wide range of printing and vision systems, and features automatic rejection of out-of-specification labels before they are applied to product.

The HERMA 132M also boasts a solid reputation: more than 100 already have been successfully incorporated on the packaging lines of leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Peter Goff, President of HERMA US Inc., said: „The addition of a well-equipped demonstration and testing facility, in addition to the significant investment already made in the headquarters and warehouse facilities, furthers HERMA’s commitment to the U.S. market. We are already seeing success with our HERMA 400 label applicator, which is widely acknowledged as a market leader.  The new facility allows us to showcase the advanced range of fully automatic labeling machinery produced by HERMA for the pharmaceutical industry and a variety of other sectors.”

Quelle: www.herma.us

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