Lake Image Systems powered solutions at drupa 2016


Lake Image Systems Ltd. (, a leader in variable data integrity assurance and print quality inspection for the packaging, labels, and commercial print industries, announces that the company will be exhibiting at drupa 2016 from Hall 11, stand B42. Lake Image will demonstrate how their high-speed, high performance vision inspection technology is meeting the challenges in the printing landscape through a full suite of integrated, tailored solutions. These solutions help customers in all segments of the graphic communications market, to produce error-free printing, automate inspection requirements and reduce waste required to pursue both new opportunities and drive profitable growth.

Lake Image Systems data verification and inspection solutions deliver speed, ease of use, and low cost of ownership and can be found both on the Lake Image stand and on the stands of many of our partners located throughout drupa. These solutions enable complex inspection with100% verification of variable codes on a wide range of print applications including: documents, labels, plastic cards and packaging, wide-format graphics, mailing and addressing and commercial press applications.

Solutions at the Lake Image Stand (Hall 11 / B42)

Lake Image Systems will feature its latest portfolio of powerful solutions for document producers, label printers and packaging converters to automate variable data integrity assurance and print quality inspection requirements. Four industry application zones will be demonstrated at the show. These are:

  • Zone 1: Digital Packaging: With variable data, digitally printed packaging is on the increase. Lake Image will be showcasing its latest solutions for reading, grading and verifying QRcodes on a webbed packaging application, as well as for detecting print defects such as streaks, voids and print registration issues.
  • Zone 2: Variable Data Labels & Security Printing: Variable data and barcodes on labels such as tax stamps, pharmaceutical and authentication labels are now critical for many anti-counterfeit and traceability applications such as track and trace systems. Lake Image will be demonstrating its industry winning Discovery MaxScan linear scanner in conjunction with its Discovery Multiscan3 software for high speed inspecting, reading, tracking and verifying variable codes from a highly reflective tax stamps for detecting unreadable, out of sequence, missing or duplicate labels as well as for detecting positional and printing defects.
  • Zone 3: Transactional and Direct Mail: Lake Image will be showing their Discovery Roll Inspector, an in-line, all-in-one, print quality inspection system for the first time in Europe. Ideally suited for inspecting 100% of laser and inkjet web applications, the Discovery Roll Inspector utilises sophisticated software tools to simultaneously analyse multiple areas of interest (AOIs) and apply multiple quality tests per page. On stand demonstrations will show how the Roll Inspector can instantly detect print defects such as ink spots, toner streaks, voids, color variations, and image/barcode quality issues on a 2-up A4 web application. Roll Inspector will also check the readability of barcodes, OCR text, front and back duplex matching, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and MICR lines as well as performing sequence, alignment and data verification checks.
  • Zone 4: Loyalty, Gaming & Plastic Cards: A variety of inspection solutions will be on display including card number verification, missing/duplicate card detection, scratch off verification, pin number legibility, pin & account number reporting, sorting/batching and database integrity reporting on a EMWI FBE vacuum feeding line. Other requirements such as card/carrier matching & magnetic stripe reading are also available.

Notable Distributors at the Lake Image Stand

Nuremberg based Solex GmbH ( and Mumbai based Condot Systems Pvt, Ltd. ( will be two notable distributors of the Discovery solutions that will be present at the Lake Image stand. For the full duration of the show, representatives from both companies will be available to help their respective clients understand the value of the Discovery solutions that will be on display and to provide valuable language support where necessary.

Lake Image Solutions Abound at drupa

Lake Image-powered solutions can be found throughout drupa. Look for the “Vision Systems provided by Lake Image Systems” sign at the stands of these partners:

  • Domino Printing Sciences – Hall 05 / A23: Domino will be showing Discovery Multiscan3 along with our Discovery Maxscan linear scanner for high speed inspecting, reading, tracking and verification of variable text, barcodes and QR codes printed using the Domino K600i inkjet head mounted on a Gremser SPL70 which handles sheets up to 750mm wide.
  • Xeikon – Hall 08A / B20: On the new Xeikon Trillium One, Discovery Multiscan3 will be providing information on print registration, variable data validation and front and back matching support for direct mail applications and catalogue production. High resolution, duplex colour images are captured by Discovery Maxscan linear scanner integrated directly within the printer thanks to its low profile.
  • Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH (W+D) – Hall 16 / A43: W+D will be demonstrating our Discovery READ&PRINT solution for tracking documents on a W+D BB700 S2, from an initial read and databased verification to final print, using a new Xijet Gemini printer enabling 8” of variable data to print matched addresses on to business reply envelopes.
  • Hugo Beck GmbH – Hall 14/ B70: Hugo Beck, in conjunction with our partner Solex GmbH, will be demonstrating Discovery Multiscan to automatically verify the correct placement of a pen, by a robotic arm, onto a magazine on a high speed packaging line.


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