Escher signs with Vietnam Post


Escher Group is to license its Riposte® Platform to Vietnam Post for 11,500 points of service, with its partner FPT.

This contract, which is part of the Group’s 2016 plans, expands Escher’s foothold in South East Asia and creates opportunities for further business with Vietnam Post.

Escher’s Riposte® Platform will deliver a complete point of service solution for Vietnam Post that will operate on desktops, mobile and self-service kiosks. Vietnam Post will use Escher’s Riposte solution to deliver multiple new services throughout their network, exploiting the latest trends in the global postal market.

Liam Church, CEO Escher Group, said: “The Vietnam Post contract is an important win for us and further increases our growing foothold in South East Asia. “Vietnam Post intends to implement Riposte across counters, mobile and kiosk, demonstrating the strength and flexibility of our point of service solutions.


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