Interactive workshop addresses challenges impacting growth

An interactive workshop detailing how operations can generate more value from their business to enable them to embrace innovation and grow successfully will be one of the main highlights at FINAT’s second European Label Forum. The ELF will talk place at the Moevenpick Hotel in Amsterdam from 16-18 June.

Create and Capture More Value From Your Current Business will be presented by Phil Allen, CEO & Value Creator at Customer Value Management. His speciality is in transforming businesses by bringing creative, customer-driven practical value management strategies and solutions to B2B clients around the world.

Invest in innovation

Allen says: ”Creating and capturing value from your existing business is a real challenge and also a really important part of growth because without the profitability from current business how can you possibly invest in innovation for future growth? If you tell me that your biggest challenge today is commoditisation I am going to challenge that and I am going to say to you that there are ways to overcome, resist and even avoid commoditisation.”

He explains that sales people often quote this as a challenge but it is misleading to only consider this: “I am going to suggest to you that maybe your sales people are not digging deep enough to get the real insights into what customers really need and value. I will be sharing some thoughts on that and also showing you some examples of how we have helped other companies to improve their value capture through a deeper understanding of customer needs and value.”

Segmentation and differentiation

Another topic he will focus on is customer segmentation and differentiation. He asks: “Are you really applying customer segmentation based on needs and value of customers to your business. If you are you should be getting lots of insights into how you can differentiate your offering more effectively.

Allen will also teach the audience how to apply the following principles of Customer Value Management; sustainable differentiation throughout the product/market life cycle; the 4 R’s of sustainable differentiation; value based pricing in mature markets and marketing and selling of value to customers.

The interactive workshop will enable participants to gain new insights, tools, tips and skills that will help them and their business immediately enhance profitability.

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