Beauty products retailer is in the pink with NetDespatch and SellerDynamics


Online beauty products retailer, Pinkish, has streamlined its order fulfilment and despatch processes with a fully integrated shipping document solution from SellerDynamics and NetDespatch.

Pinkish despatches around 1,600 orders of beauty products and garments every month throughout the UK and abroad, and has already earned a 5-star rating on eBay for “Shipping time”. The new solution not only takes care of the fulfilment and prioritisation of all online orders placed on eBay, Amazon and the retailer’s own ecommerce website, but also offers labels integrated into invoices for their selected carrier – Royal Mail.

Order information from all channels is consolidated onto a single screen. Once a parcel is selected for despatch, a single sheet is printed, containing the order details, the customer invoice, and the Royal Mail 2D barcoded shipping label (provided to SellerDynamics by NetDespatch), ensuring that every parcel has the correct paperwork. The solution also produces the required end-of-the-day manifest for the Royal Mail collection driver, and automatically sends the data to Royal Mail’s OBA (Online Business Account) system. Once they have been despatched, parcels can be viewed and tracked online, with tracking information automatically fed back into the appropriate sales channel.

According to Pinkish’s Director, Linda Shirley, “automating our order fulfilment and despatch processes through NetDespatch and SellerDynamics has improved the documentation we produce and made us immediately compliant with the new Royal Mail labelling requirements.”

NetDespatch enhances Seller Dynamics user friendly market-place management tool for online retailers, by providing fully compliant seamless integration with major parcel carriers. It is an almost invisible cog in the automated order fulfilment-to-despatch process. There is no cost to the retailer for the NetDespatch element, yet the integrated solution saves them time and eliminates transcription errors.

NetDespatch is retained by postal and parcel carriers to provide innovative shipping solutions for their customers, especially where integration with their ecommerce system is required. The easy to use secure web-based platform automates the connection between order processing, despatch and delivery, even if the orders are received in one location and despatched from another. Designed for both domestic and international shipping, the solution also enables customer service staff to view and track despatched items online.


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 12.11.2015 in News (In- und Ausland), Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.