NetDespatch short circuits despatch time for Expro Direct


Online photographic equipment and gadgets company, Expro Direct, has cut its order fulfilment time by 95 percent since implementing NetDespatch’s popular cloud-based shipping and data management platform.

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, Expro Direct supplies photographic and audio-visual equipment, spares and accessories to both the retail and trade sectors, and carries a stock of around two million items. Despatching between 1,000 and 1,200 orders per day throughout the UK and EU, Expro Direct now has a streamlined order fulfilment and despatch solution for its shipments.

Order details from Expro Direct’s own ecommerce website, Amazon and eBay (via Channel Advisor) are sent to NetDespatch. The order data is displayed on Expro Direct’s user terminals and the method of shipment is determined according to the weight of the package. For all shipments routed for delivery by Royal Mail, the required 2D barcode labels are automatically printed according to the service selected, and the carrier is notified that parcels are ready for collection.

Expro Direct now has a direct link with Royal Mail via the NetDespatch solution, which handles all the data behind the scenes, and also automatically updates their Online Billing Account. The solution also enables the company’s customer service staff to view and track despatched items online.

With the global consumer electronics market predicted to reach almost USD 840 billion by 2020, Expro Direct acknowledges the benefits of the order fulfilment solution that saves time, freeing up staff to focus on the company’s core competency.

“Prior to NetDespatch, we went through the laborious process of keying in the details for every tracked parcel, which was susceptible to mistakes and took about one minute per order,” said Paul Spencer, Director, Expro Direct. “Now there is no manual entry, and no buttons to press. It’s all automatic. There’s no risk of input errors, and it takes less than two seconds.”

NetDespatch is retained by postal and parcel carriers to provide innovative shipping solutions for their customers through an easy to use secure web-based platform that automates the connection between order processing, despatch and delivery, even if the orders are received in one location and despatched from another.Designed for both domestic and international shipping, the solution enables customer service staff to view and track despatched items online. There are no costs involved for installation, training or support, and the system is available instantly online.


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 22.10.2015 in News (In- und Ausland), Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.