NetDespatch streamlines multi-channel sales for Ultimo Electronics


Norwich-based Ultimo Electronics is the latest company to use NetDespatch  shipping solutions to simplify its despatch processes. The popular NetDespatch  parcel data management platform seamlessly connects Ultimo’s marketplaces with  its selected parcel carrier – Royal Mail, reducing order processing and despatch  time by around 20 hours per month.

Established in 2014, Ultimo  Electronics sells home electronics and small appliances, such as laptops,  tablets and cameras, online and via direct sales to corporate clients. Around 70  percent of the company’s 12,000 sales per year take place online via eBay and  Amazon.

“Our carrier, Royal Mail, advised us to implement  NetDespatch because we needed to move to a more efficient method of order  fulfilment and despatch,” said Josh Hannan, Director, Ultimo  Electronics.

The NetDespatch Retail Solutions team worked with  Ultimo to implement a totally integrated fulfilment and despatch operation,  allowing their small staff to concentrate on growing their business. Order data  is downloaded from their marketplace stores to a CSV file for instant upload to  NetDespatch.

The solution not only produces the correct shipping labels, but  also notifies Royal Mail that consignments are ready for collection, and updates  their Online Billing Account. Customer service staff can view despatched items and track them online. The new operation was implemented in April 2015, and the  company has already seen a reduction of around 20 hours a month in its order  fulfilment process.

“Implementation of NetDespatch was trouble  free, it didn’t cost us anything, and there were no issues at all,” said Hannan.  “NetDespatch is helping us move to a fully automated system in the near future,  so that we can use thermal printers and switch to Royal Mail’s new 2D  labels.”

NetDespatch is retained by postal and parcel carriers to  provide innovative shipping solutions for their customers through an easy to use  secure web-based platform that automates the connection between order  processing, despatch and delivery, even if the orders are received in one  location and despatched from another. There are no costs involved for  installation, training or support, and the system is available instantly  online.


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