Cleveron launches new CleverBox 2 automated collection and delivery terminal with unique small parcel and letters capacity

As part of its ongoing product range development,
Cleveron is proud to announce the launch of its new CleverBox 2 automated indoor parcel terminal model. CleverBox 2 features unique drawer slots for small parcels and letters, providing up to three times the capacity per column as previous models with the same footprint size.

Reflecting on the launch of CleverBox 2, Arno Kütt, CEO of Cleveron commented, “This is an exciting new product for us as it progresses from machines designed to carry larger packages to one which is equally capable of catering for smaller parcels and letters. Today over 50% of e-commerce parcels consist of small or extra-small packages, so CleverBox 2 is designed to support this trend within the same terminal footprint as larger items. The terminal has been designed with the support of e-commerce firmly in mind, right the way from parcel delivery and collection to customer returns.”

The new CleverBox 2 also features a modular column design, providing highly usable flexibility and configuration adjustments – to meet the needs to the operator/user perfectly. Arno added, “With a payment terminal option and label printer it is the perfect technology partner for anyone in the C2C business sector. There are already new parcel delivery networks based upon the CleverBox 2 solution being installed in Norway, Hungary and Spain, which will all be going live shortly.”

CleverBox 2 is a key part of Cleveron’s ongoing development of its products and services, as Arno elaborated, “Cleveron’s products already handle over 53% of the Estonian distance selling parcel market, with 4348 business clients registered with the SmartPOST service and around 40% of the population (over 500,000 people) have used it at least once. We are expanding abroad too, with significant inroads into the Finnish market, having supplied Posti Group Corporation (formerly Itella Corporation and Finnish Post) with 452 terminals from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, and the Russian market with 104 terminals.”

With ergonomics firmly in mind, CleverBox 2 features a new modular column which allows for many flexible modifications to be made, ensuring it perfectly suits the operator’s and user’s needs, as well as suiting its location requirements. To allow for full automation on site, CleverBox 2 has an optional self-service payment terminal and standard label printer so users can process parcels and letters themselves and deposit them in the appropriate compartment for collection and delivery.

CleverBox 2 provides a clear 12” colour touch-screen computer for transactions and includes a camera for identifying users. The controls are situated 1,200mm from the floor, to help meet the needs of disabled people (being perfectly positioned for customers using a wheelchair for example – along with a separate touch-pad for convenience). The drawer-based system, as opposed to a more traditional locker slot, is also designed to make the deposit and retrieval of items easier for all users. Additionally included in the unit are a bar code reader for the identification of parcels and a scanner for bar code or QR codes.

Overall, CleverBox2 offers a number of key advantages over its competition;

  • Unique drawer slots for small parcels and letters (4,5 cm)
  • Modular column configurations
  • Five different slot sizes
  • Best total cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Affordable ‚last mile‘ solution
  • Improved ergonomics to meet the requirements of users with disabilities
  • For further details on the CleverBox 2 range, or any of the Cleveron products, please visit, telephone +372 609 1671 or email:


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