Bumper Christmas forecast for online retailers shipping through NetDespatch


NetDespatch is reporting an unprecedented 15 per cent rise in parcel delivery for online shoppers in the past month, indicating a great sign for a strong Christmas, and demonstrating the continued strength of the ecommerce market in the UK.


The provider of web-based integration shipping solutions for more than 100,000 customers of postal and parcel carriers worldwide, has reported sharply
increasing numbers much earlier than in previous years. In addition NetDespatch are seeing a 200 per cent increase in the number of retailers using the
platform each month, compared to the same period in 2012, with over 250 new business users being added each week.

According to the IMRG, more than 10 per cent of all retail sales are now made over the internet in the UK, with this proportion predicted to more than double by 2020. They say that the ecommerce market in the UK has grown to more than £87bn in 2013, and is estimated to reach £134bn by 2016, illustrating the Need for retailers to implement cost effective warehouse to carrier integration to allow them to take advantage of their rapidly expanding marketplace.

NetDespatch provide a cost-free fully managed processing platform for retailers, offering easy to use web-based software tools and Services connecting warehouse and order processing systems, such as eSellerPro, Linnworks and Magento, directly and securely to the NetDespatch servers. The same despatch and delivery data is used to print carrier compliant labels and documentation, and then forwarded to the selected postal or parcel carrier,
ensuring that information is entered just once and that parcels arrive on time.

Now used by more than 100,000 retailers worldwide, the NetDespatch web technology combines increased operational efficiency with the production of correctly addressed and routed carrier labels.

“Every week more than 250 new businesses start shipping through the NetDespatch platform, more than twice the rate of the same months in 2012.  Monthly average hits to our platform are now exceeding 200 million, with 20,000 unique visitors every day. With the market continuing to grow, NetDespatch allows retailers, mail order companies and manufacturers to process peak volumes without any IT restrictions. By making online despatch, labelling and tracking so easy we are helping businesses of all sizes to become more competitive and to expand,” commented Becky Clark, CEO of NetDespatch.

Quelle: www.netdespatch.com

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