NetDespatch Showcases Latest Innovations at POST-EXPO 2013


Internet IT specialist NetDespatch will be showcasing the latest online  technology for international postal and parcel operators and POST-EXPO 2013  taking place in Vienna, Austria, 01 to 03 October.  As a leading provider  of web-based IT integration and services, the UK-based company offers solutions  that seamlessly interconnect postal and parcel carriers with their customers and  partners.  NetDespatch CEO Becky Clark will also be giving a talk at the  Operations and Technology Conference entitled ‘Intelligent Vendor Selection –  redefining borders’.


On Stand No 1536, NetDespatch experts will  demonstrate how their Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enables postal and  parcel carriers worldwide to easily integrate their services with their  customers and each other.

NetDespatch, which is now estimated to be used by more  than 100,000 retailers worldwide, allows operators to offer their customers a  way to simplify and speed their shipping.  It automates booking, the  printing of correctly addressed and routed carrier labels, and online shipment  tracking.

NetDespatch has chosen POST-EXPO to launch Intelligent  Vendor Selection, a crucial new development for the postal and parcel  industry.

“With online shopping continuing to expand across  borders, domestic post and parcel organisations increasingly need to utilise the  services of carriers in other countries to deliver their post and parcels. These  multiple global partnerships are difficult to manage: choice of partner follows  complex selection rules, items need to be correctly labelled and must be accompanied by the correct documentation. Intelligent Vendor Selection solves  this problem and creates new market opportunities for operators across the  world,” says Becky Clark, CEO of NetDespatch.

POST-EXPO runs  over three days and brings together key decision makers, suppliers and buyers  from all over the world to exchange ideas and information about the future  development of the postal, parcel and express industries.  The event, which  highlights new postal technology, equipment, services, attracts over 3,500  attendees with over 85 countries  represented.


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