USP expands portfolio with Croatia´s EU accession – Broadened Range of Shipping Services Available to and from the Country


As the EU has opened its doors again to official enlargement with the accession of Croatia, UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced an expansion of its services to and from the country, creating a uniform portfolio of shipping options across the now 28 EU member states.

By introducing new shipping options and other value-added services to its product portfolio, UPS gives customers shipping to and from Croatia greater flexibility to balance Speed with cost, as well as more efficient access to global markets. With the elimination of trade barriers, procedures have been standardised, and shipments
between Croatia and other EU countries can be processed more easily without the need for additional documentation.

“The expansion of the EU internal market to Croatia represents new opportunities for businesses shipping into and out of the country,” said Cindy Miller, president, UPS Europe. “Robust exports and international trade are sources of growth, and UPS is well-positioned and ready to help companies in Croatia and all over Europe take
advantage of Croatia’s EU entry.”

Express shipments from EU countries – including Germany – can now arrive at destinations in Croatia in one business day. For less urgent shipments into the country, customers now also benefit from a reliable and economical, day-definite shipping option with UPS StandardTM. Moreover, new value-added services mean that
shippers have more control over their goods. These include an expanded offering of UPS ReturnsTM services, to help customers better manage reverse logistics, as well as the introduction of UPS Collect-on-Delivery (COD) – which enables the collection of payment for products at the time of delivery, reducing risk and enhancing cash flow for the shipper.

For goods being sent out of Croatia, UPS Standard is now available for shipments to other EU countries. This complements existing UPS ExpressTM services available from the country, and the combination provides Croatian shippers with a comprehensive range of time-in-transit options, allowing them to fully Balance speed and economy.

“UPS has been active and successful in helping Croatian shippers access world markets for more than 20 years,” said Miller.  “And, we are definitely looking forward to Meeting the evolving needs of customers doing business to and from this new EU market for decades to come.”


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 08.07.2013 in News (In- und Ausland), Paketdienste / Expressdienste.