Escher Group has government and citizens collaborating


Escher Group, a global leader in secure peer‐to‐peer messaging technology, is providing the means by which citizens can directly communicate with government officials in Ireland as the country considers amendments to its Constitution.

Convention Website

The communications portal,, is built using Escher Group’s new and innovative software, RiposteTrEx and is operated by An Post, the Irish National Post Office. Developed as a preference‐based and open digital ecosystem, RiposteTrEx provides a safe, secure and manageable environment for connecting government organizations, businesses and citizens and their communities.

Art O’Leary, Secretary to the Convention on the Constitution, said: ‘this is an exciting initiative in participative democracy and the technology makes a critical contribution to the overall success of the programme. Escher Group provides a safe, secure and efficient platform for public engagement between Convention members and citizens.’

When asked about the venture, Liam Church, Escher Group CEO said, “We are honored to have the opportunity to support this important collaboration. Government officials and citizens are now communicating directly and on a personal level. Moving forward, our vision at Escher is to continue to change and enhance the way governments, business and citizens throughout the world interact with each other.

In addition to its message‐based communications technology, Escher Group is also the world’s leading digital point‐of‐service software provider to the postal industry, operating in 35 countries around the globe.


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