New Next Day Logistics Company from Jon Barber is Delivered

Jon Barber, former APC Overnight Director and founder of Scarlet Couriers, is celebrating 30 years in the logistics industry with the launch of a logistics company. Under the brand Delivered, the new company will provide nationwide parcel and pallet services as well as international delivery and warehousing. The new company, which will offer APC Overnight parcel and TPN pallet services, will service Thames Valley and Chilterns businesses from its distribution centres in Reading, Slough and High Wycombe.

Delivered continues the overnight parcel and pallet services of Scarlet Couriers, which was sold together with the company’s same day courier division to CitySprint in June 2012. Jon Barber with his Sales Director brother Adam and their team grew Scarlet Couriers into one of the UK’s most successful and largest independent courier companies. As Sales and Marketing Director of APC Overnight, Jon Barber also played a major part in the successful expansion of the company and the establishing of its national brand. During his tenure (from the end of 2008 to end of 2011), APC saw a substantial increase in growth and profitability.

Delivered will focus on establishing its brand in the Thames Valley and the company aims to expand beyond the region through acquisition of complementary APC and TPN depots.

“Launching a new company during these challenging economic times is exciting. We are fortunate to be building on the 30 years of success we had with Scarlet Couriers in providing the best possible full service parcel and pallet delivery solutions to Thames Valley businesses. For those customers we already service, the transition to the Delivered brand will be seamless and for new clients, they’ll soon experience and benefit from our customer-centric approach,” says Jon Barber, MD of Delivered.

Jon Barber began his logistics career as a despatch rider with Scarlet Couriers in 1982 and, having recognised its potential, within a few months had bought the company. In those days, Scarlet Couriers employed five people and by the time of its sale to CitySprint, the team had expanded to more than 100 staff, many of whom will transfer to the new business.

“For me, it’s always been about the service and the people – that’s how we grew Scarlet Couriers and we’re extending this to Delivered. You need to get those parts of the business right to ensure that you provide a high quality, professional service that cares about the customer.” he says.


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