NetDespatch powers Australian direct entry services for New Zealand Post

NetDespatch have worked in partnership with New Zealand Post to further develop their online lodgement tool RedClick to provide access for large volume senders to direct entry sending solutions into Australia for both tracked and untracked parcels.

RedClick leverages the NetDespatch web-based platform ( Designed to manage international collections and deliveries anywhere in the world, the platform provides a wholly managed solution for postal organisations and parcel carriers. It includes advanced systems integration tools for both customers and suppliers, intelligent web based booking, service specific labels for domestic, inbound and outbound parcels, pricing and country based routing, customs documentation and manifests, pre-advice to chosen carriers and sub-contractors, as well as both on-line and scheduled management reporting.

RedClick early adopter Jonathan Crisp of NJ Crisp Ltd says;” The online lodgement system means typewriters can finally be retired and provides several benefits over the old multilayer forms. Addresses can be stored in the system, so if you send multiple items to the same address, or send consignments to the same address on a regular basis, there’s no need to re-key information”.

The new service to Australia has meant that New Zealand Post customers can now generate delivery labels conformant with Australia Post’s delivery requirements. Integration tools allow one-click shipping from most warehouse and business systems, or simple web forms help users to complete the correct information. Addresses are checked against the Australia Post postcode file, and each parcel is labelled with the correct Australia Post label. When an agreed volume is reached, the items are placed in a receptacle, the Customs Manifest is produced and the details are pre-advised automatically into the Australia Post systems.

Once parcels are prepared, they are flown to Australia, cleared through the border agencies  and handed over to Australia Post for processing and delivery.  Direct entry assists with streamlining  the clearance procedures, as all customs documentation is automatically produced, improving speed and efficiency in the service and also eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and reducing the chance of human error.

Tracking data is provided from both New Zealand Post and Australia Post providing a single view of the delivery from collection to final delivery, also allowing alerts to be sent by email, advising of the pending and final delivery. This information can be viewed online and will soon be available via a web service.

According to Jonathan Crisp, RedClick not only saves time, it also reduces errors; “We think it’s great – a very good tool. For anyone who’s using New Zealand Post to send items, it’s got to be a time saver. I’d certainly recommend it to other businesses.”



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