PostNL Selects ID Mail Systems’ Mail Coding, Printing and Sorting Application

PostNL, the national postal operator for The Netherlands, has selected ID Mail Systems and a special version of its flagship product, the Dispatcher MX, for a new mail coding, printing and sorting application. ID Mail was selected after a formal RFP process and evaluation of results from four different mail and postal systems providers.

ID Mail’s Dispatcher MX System has been customized to provide PostNL with a system that will handle mail that will not run on PostNL’s new high speed combination letter/flat mail sorting systems.  These systems will sort mail into walk sequence order, and this new platform left PostNL with the challenge of sorting the residual mail (irregular letters and flats plus all flats over 10mm thick).

The Dispatcher MX provided the best set of features along with proven performance at an attractive investment price, and ID Mail demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges of the application for processing a wide variety of mail, especially the traditional non-automation friendly “rest mail,” from extremely lightweight letters to heavy and bulky 40mm flats and packets. The system includes a six-person station manual induction-feeding module and an optional automated feeding module. The Dispatcher MX also provides a color imaging camera, a 30-second delay for OCR and video encoding, a compliant belt labeling and printing solution, and 72 sorting bins with options for additional sorting outputs. The system is 60 meters long and will process up to 10,000 mail items per hour. PostNL plans to use the Dispatcher MX to apply a proprietary sorting code to each mail piece allowing sorting to the postal carrier walk sequence and merging with the mail from the XMS systems without any knowledge of the postman’s route.

The contract was formalized on September 21, in Den Haag, Netherlands for delivery of the first system by April 1, 2013 and with an option to purchase 24 more systems over the next several years. The agreement with PostNL, the largest in ID Mail’s history, demonstrates ID Mail’s ability to provide robust and highly specialized mail and packet processing solutions on a national level.


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