Accretive Technologies to Demonstrate how Predictive Analytics are Modernizing the Postal Industry at POST EXPO 2012 / Business Performance Visionary Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata, Founder and CEO of Accretive, and Alain Roset, Director of Transformation Strategy of La Poste France, to Present how Advanced Analytics are Moving Postal Services to the Digital Future, Cloud Computing and Beyond

Accretive Technologies (Accretive), a provider of high performance predictive  analytic solutions, today announced the company’s participation at POST EXPO 2012. Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata, business performance visionary and founder of Accretive Technologies, and Alain Roset, director of transformation strategy for La Poste France, will jointly present how predictive analytic technologies help leaders of the postal industry meet competitive pressures to innovate, optimize and modernize postal services. The session, “The Postal Service’s Successful Transformation through Predictive Analytics: Control Dynamic Complexity in a Virtualized World” will take place at 9:50 am on 18 September 2012 at Brussels Expo Centre.

“The strategic need to innovate within the postal sector is driven by the need to maintain a competitive advantage and customer trust in the quickly evolving digital space,” said Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata, Founder and CEO of Accretive Technologies.  “La Poste is the prototype example for how postal leaders can leverage highly advanced analytic technologies to define profitable paths from traditional manual processes to new digital services as required to not only survive, but indeed thrive in the new digital economy.”

What: The session, “The Postal Service’s Successful Transformation through Predictive Analytics:

Control Dynamic Complexity in a Virtualized World,” will provide the audience with a real view into exactly how advanced analytic software is able to dramatically improve process efficiency, increase productivity, cut costs and provide more effective interaction throughout the entire postal service.  Topics to be discussed include:

–      What innovative Posts are doing to cut costs, maintain competitive advantage and preserve customer trust in the digital age

–      How La Poste France is using prescriptive analytics to identify future opportunities, mitigate risks and transform their business to meet evolving customer demands

–      Why the adoption of a holistic approach to business modeling is an essential first step for Posts seeking to modernize systems and identify new product offerings

–      How exploratory data analysis can help postal leaders make smart transformation decisions including how to move costly manual delivery mechanisms to the cloud

–      Why dynamic complexity compounds business risk and what can be done to manage the added risks

Who: Dr. Abu el Ata, a renowned thought leader in the world of predictive analytics and business modeling, has a history of spearheading technology innovation.  In the 1970s he worked with a team of physicists and mathematicians to define orbits for space exploration.  In the 1980s, Dr. Abu el Ata became increasingly involved with business dynamics. Realizing that existing IT analytics failed to deliver business value, he applied his theory to develop a next generation approach to business analytics. The first of his 15 patents were awarded in 1998 and he has since published over 300 technical and management reports, 15 scientific papers and two books.  Mr. Roset, Director of Transformation Strategy of La Poste France has been head of the 2015 strategic project at La Poste since 2010. Prior to that he was in charge of R&D for the national mail process at La Poste. Other roles at La Poste have included director operational for Alsace and director in charge of process and quality.

When: Tuesday, 18 September 2012 from 9:50 to 10:05 am CEST

Where: Brussels Expo

Exhibition Hall 11, Room 1124

Place de Belgique 1

BE – 1020 Brussels, Belgium

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