Swiss Post chooses innovative high-tech Materials Management solution from Lyngsoe Systems

Imagine a high-tech RFID solution providing you with a complete insight into where your transport resources are and where they are going. A fully automated system; a frontend technology eliminating manual track-and-trace activities combined with directional real-time data and thus ensuring you 100% visibility in your postal workflow of containers carrying mail in your logistics system.

This system is now a reality and Swiss Post have been among the first in the world to choose this innovative solution for postal flow-control management. Handling more than 2,33 billion letters a year, Swiss Post has an ambition to always strive for the most innovative and reliable solutions. Swiss Post chose this innovative solution from Lyngsoe Systems in an open competition among several other offers.

“Swiss Post selected Lyngsoe’s Material Management solution because it fulfills our requirements for cost effective implementation and operational reliability,” explains Marc Dasen, IT Project Manager at Swiss Post.

“We have 70.0000 containers carrying mail throughout Switzerland. The Quick Mount RFID Portals from Lyngsoe Systems fit perfectly in the integrated IT solution that will provide Swiss Post with a complete inventory and flow overview of these containers. The system will thereby allow Swiss Post to improve logistics processes which again will help us provide our customers the best available service-quality,” says Marc Dasen. Apart from the RFID tags on the containers the fully integrated solution also utilizes barcodes and interfaces to other IT systems to provide end to end track and trace of containers as well as on board mail trays. This is done by registering destination barcodes on mail trays and consigning those to individual containers and their destination in a unique automated nesting solution.

A cutting edge system based on years of experience

Lyngsoe Systems highly appreciate this new collaboration:

“We are very proud that Swiss Post chose our solution. Our two companies share a common vision of being innovative and at the forefront on postal data capture and information technology. We both strive to continuously improve the quality and accuracy of the workflow,” says Bo Helmer Larsen, Director of Sales at Lyngsoe Systems.

“This new fully automated solution gives amazing new possibilities for inventory management and real time tracking. It’s an intelligent solution that records directionality of your containers. This means that you know if the load has really left your unit or is delayed for production or transport, and where it is truly situated at any moment. It gives you a competitive edge on accuracy in real time production execution and helps you reduce costs considerably,” explains Bo Helmer Larsen.

The system builds on Lyngsoe Systems many years of previous experience within successful application of RFID-technology and tracking solutions for postal operators around the world.

Foto: Bo Helmer Larsen, Director of Sales at Lyngsoe Systems



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