NetDespatch helps Nagook to integrate with Royal Mail Tracked Services

Adult toys, marital aids and lingerie company, Nagook Ltd (trading as Bondara –, is benefiting from seamless integration with Royal Mail Tracked Services thanks to NetDespatch. Using the NetDespatch powered web shipping and tracking platform, Nagook despatches tens of thousands of parcels throughout the UK without having to key in any extra data. To despatch a parcel, the staff just scan a picking barcode, out pops the label, and the required data is automatically sent to the Royal Mail systems. Nagook switched to Royal Mail Tracked Services in September 2011 when it moved to a new 40,000 square foot warehouse containing millions of different products, and were delighted to find that this efficient operational process could be achieved so easily.

“Our business is growing fast and without the advanced automation provided by NetDespatch we would not be able to use Royal Mail. We were able to implement the whole system in just a few days with assistance from its support specialists, who were readily available and helpful. Additionally, when we moved we needed as little disruption to the business as possible and this was made much simpler due to NetDespatch’s software being run on their fully managed servers. The physical move from our old premises to the new warehouse was done over a weekend and we were back to shipping orders within a week,” says James Ratcliffe, Technical Director, Nagook.

“Generally, all of our software development is done in-house but under the circumstances we did not have the time. The NetDespatch solution was immediate and effective and has proven extremely reliable, particularly during the busy Christmas period when our customer demand increases substantially,” he adds.
The integration of Nagook’s in-house developed order management system to the NetDespatch powered Royal Mail Tracked service was accomplished through the use of easy-to-use real time web services. Customer orders are taken, advised to the NetDespatch system, and pooled to create a picking list for the warehouse. The items are then picked and packed. At point of despatch an internally produced barcode on the package is scanned onto a web page using a NetDespatch innovation called “Parcel Despatch”. The correct Royal Mail shipping label appears instantaneously on the local printer, while automatically pre-advising the collection to Royal Mail. When the collection driver arrives, the operator prints the collection manifest containing a record of only those labels used, ensuring that Royal Mail billing will be calculated correctly. Nagook customer service staff are also able to review all parcels despatched, linking automatically to the correct tracking page on the Royal Mail systems.

NetDespatch systems are entirely web-based, do not require special dedicated hardware or software, and can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Authorised users simply use their normal web browser to access the system through a secure login page. Users can transfer parcel data by a multitude of different methods, or key it on-line using full PAF (Postcode Address File) business address lookup and address book management, print labels anywhere in the world, request data downloads and review the status of all their shipments in real time. NetDespatch systems integration tools allow parcel data and tracking status to be transferred automatically between the secure NetDespatch servers and shippers‘ own systems.


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