Loginpost is planning to invest in the network of self-service parcel terminals in Europe

The company Loginpost, which manufactures and operates self-service parcel terminals, is planning to establish a network of self-service parcel terminals in Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. Within 3-5 years period it is expected to invest more than 50 million euro in total into the development of the network and establish almost 1000 shipment self-service terminals.

During the period of 3-5 years, the company is planning to create a network of self-service terminals in Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic attracting local carriers and shopping centers to participate in this joint project. Loginpost is planning to cooperate not with a single shipping service provider but to create a network open to all the carriers. Therefore, the company invites to participate in this project all the companies engaged in transportation, or shopping centers willing to offer their clients self-service parcel terminal services.
Currently, the network of Loginpost self-service parcel terminals is already operating in Lithuania; the country is the origin country of the terminals. Loginpost is also engaged in providing various solutions for self-service: self-service parcel terminals, self-checkout machines, parking pay machines.

Self-service parcel terminals is becoming an increasingly popular service in the world. The terminals which are usually placed in shopping centers or other public places can be used for sending or collecting parcels at the time convenient to the sender/recipient without the need to temporizing over the working time of the carrier. Payments for the services can be made by credit cards, and the recipients are informed of a parcel received by a instant message.

One of the main users of self-service terminals are the clients of online shops who are attracted by the possibility to collect their parcels at their convenient time. This new service is likely to gain popularity among students and their parents, and also among the people regularly sending parcels to their relatives living abroad, or frequently receiving parcels from abroad.

The company Loginpost has been engaged in the activity related to self-service parcel terminals since 2011. The investment into the network of the terminals in Lithuania amount 2 million euros. The trademark “Loginpost” is represented by the Lithuanian company LL optic.

Quelle: www.loginpost.com

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