NetDespatch powers New Zealand Post labels for MYOB and Moneyworks

NetDespatch innovation has enabled New Zealand Post to extend availability of their web shipping tools to millions of small business users, who can now print the correct domestic and international shipping labels directly from their business software, eliminating the need for separate shipping systems, and duplication of customer information and data entry. As soon as an order is ready for despatch, shippers simply “click to ship” and the appropriate fully addressed shipping label is returned to them as a PDF. The system simultaneously advises New Zealand Post of the shipping request.

New Zealand Post has worked for several years with NetDespatch to produce its highly successful, easy to use, RedClick lodgement tool, enabling their customers to generate and print complex shipping documentation using simple web forms. Following integration with Elegant Solutions’ StarShip application, a popular add on for accounting software, millions of MYOB and Moneyworks users in Australia and New Zealand will now be able to generate New Zealand Post labels directly from their despatch dashboard.
They will also be able to use the dashboard to track all their outgoing orders.

New Zealand Post has also adopted Integrated Labelling to power “Pay to Post” – a new, easy to use online postal service for retail customers.

Integrated Labelling enables any user to produce a wide variety of domestic, inbound and outbound labels using the ecommerce website: The website guides the user through the entire process, and once finished they are directed to the shopping cart to confirm their purchase and pay with a credit or debit card using the secure payment facility.

“With the simple to use NetDespatch real time Integrated Labelling web services, New Zealand Post has not only been able to expand its customer base by millions of small business users, but is also able to offer larger businesses a variety of methods of streamlining their order fulfilment. The innovative web service offers either a secure web address, which can be incorporated in any web site to print the requested label as a PDF, or will make available all of the carrier’s required label content, so that a retailer can include the barcode and routing information in their own labels. Once again NetDespatch leads the way in web shipping for cost-savings and customer service,” says Becky Clark, CEO, NetDespatch.


Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 11.10.2011 in News (In- und Ausland), Software, Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.