Turkish Post relies on logistics solution from Austria

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KEBA outdoor parcel machines for Ankara and Istanbul

The KEBA AG, with headquarters in Linz Austria, has achieved a great success with the Turkish Post PTT: The Turkish company started trial operations on June 9th with the KePol logistic solution from KEBA under the name KARGOMATIK.

With KARGOMATIK, parcels can be picked, prepaid and mailed: Thus, automating the last mile in the postal and logistics business. Ten devices will soon be in use in Ankara and Istanbul.

PTT is committed to modern service

„This new postal service for our customers proves that PTT is an active and innovative company that is assuming an international leading position“, explains Osman Tural, General Director and CEO of the PTT, on the occasion of the celebratory transfer of the Austrian high-tech products. „The PTT is an example of the modern Turkey“, says Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO of the KEBA AG

Offices in Ankara and Istanbul

„For KEBA AG, Turkey is a very important market where we see great potential for our products. Since 2008, we have had several subsidiaries in Ankara and last year we also opened an additional office in Istanbul. The main focus of the team is sales, business development and customer project management“, says Gerhard Luftensteiner.

Today, Turkey is one of Austria’s most important economic partners. With 814,578 square kilometers, the country is twice the size of Germany and has a population of about 70 million and an enormous potential with continuous economic growth.

Concept in the postal world „For us, the cooperation with the PTT is an additional important success in the area of parcel logistics“, says Gerhard Luftensteiner „We are already very successful with KePol in Germany with approx. 2,500 devices (DHL Packstation) and Denmark (Doegnposten) with 120 devices, as well as in Norway (Postautomat). In Vienna Austria, a test operation with 24 devices is running under the name Post.24. “adds Gerhard Luftensteiner.

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