PackRobot Delivery Solution Attracted Attendees from all over the World at POST-EXPO 2015: Next-Generation Delivery Solution Can Triple Parcel Capacity


Just two weeks after announcing a partnership to jumpstart parcel terminal delivery in North America, Cleveron and Bell and Howell unveiled the PackRobot, which dramatically advances the delivery and pickup capabilities of parcel networks, at POST-EXPO 2015 in Paris, France, Sept. 29 through Oct. 1. .

Post-Expo 2015 attracted more than 3600 attendees from around 100 countries. There were many exhibitors and several product launches at the event but Cleveron’s PackRobot stole the show.

This unique innovation combines advanced Internet-of-things technologies with modern consumer-friendly and ergonomic design and aesthetics. Unlike traditional smart lockers that use a fixed number of pre-set locker sizes, PackRobot, uses an innovative 3D lift (patent pending) system that picks and delivers the right parcel to a dynamically configured secure delivery slot and can accommodate a staggering three times more parcels than conventional smart lockers.

PackRobot solution allows retailers and postal/logistics organisations to offer a completely new level of convenience and a cost effective way of a first and last mile to its customers. Above all, PackRobot is safe and secure. And as with all of the Cleveron solutions, it can be tailored and deployed across a diverse range of different industries and sectors. PackRobot makes it easy for postal organisations and retailers to quickly provide an excellent service in any location that suites its customers.

PackRobot can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to adjustable internal climate control in applications in traditional parcel delivery as well as new retail applications like Click & Collect to drive in-store customer traffic.

“Cleveron not only has the best technology in the market, but also the holistic approach to terminal delivery proven by results,” added Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell.

To learn more about Cleveron’s and Bell and Howell’s cooperation and presence at POST-EXPO, watch the following video:

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