Escher Group to provide digital platform for North East Local Enterprise Partnership


Escher Group a world-leading provider of digital point-of-service solutions to the postal industry has been awarded a contract to deliver and operate a collaborative digital communications platform for the UK’s North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP). The platform, to be known as the Growth Hub, will create a single point of reference with multi-channel accessibility enabling businesses to access vital government support information and services as well as connect with other businesses in the region.

The platform is an integral component of the NELEP’s Strategic Economic Plan to facilitate collaboration amongst local and national businesses and to drive economic growth in the North East region.

Escher will deliver the digital communications platform using its innovative RiposteTrEx™ technology.  This incorporates a rich and comprehensive range of applications including, federated identity, secure messaging, license management and transactions services. The system is built for scalability and aligns with the long term aspirations of the NELEP for a wider vision of the platform.

Liam Church, Escher’s CEO said: “We have a clear focus to improve the digital philosophy of the industries we work within. This development shows how our RiposteTrEx™ platform can be utilized for secure digital communications between a wide range of businesses and local and national authorities.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the NELEP to deliver a smart and collaborative digital ecosystem.”


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