NetDespatch completes a decade of service for Panasonic Store


Panasonic  Store (Exeter & Newton Abbot), a group of online stores and retail outlets  specialising in small appliances and consumer electronics, has now passed the  ten-year milestone of using NetDespatch’s online booking and tracking  solution.

Panasonic Store offers customers an insured next-day  delivery service via APC Overnight. The system enables Panasonic Store to enter  delivery details into the NetDespatch system, which automatically prints  shipping labels and electronically pre-alerts, Deadline Distribution Services  Ltd, the local depot which is part of the APC Overnight network, that packages  are ready for collection.

Prior to implementing the NetDespatch  solution, Panasonic Store faxed the booking orders through to APC  Overnight.  Following Deadline Distribution’s recommendation to implement  the NetDespatch solution, Panasonic Store was able to place bookings with APC  Overnight via a dedicated web browser interface. The system confirms receipt and  prints shipping labels for affixing to the packages, which are then ready for  collection.

“The system is efficient and time-saving,” says Peter  Wreford, Mail Order Manager, Panasonic Store. “It is easy to use, and we have  found that the technical support is excellent.”

The NetDespatch  system also enables APC Overnight’s customers to track their packages from  collection to final delivery, as well as obtain proof of delivery – a very  important feature for companies like Panasonic that ship high-value  items.

“All our big customers are on the NetDespatch system,” says  Kerrie Wheaton, Customer Account Manager, Deadline Distribution. “It saves us  having to manually input shipping details and consignment collections.  All  new customers who send parcels on a daily basis, or high volumes on a regular  basis, are put onto the NetDespatch system right away.”

NetDespatch  provides a cost-free solution for retailers with an easy to use web-based system  that can connect warehouse and order processing systems, such as eSellerPro,  Linnworks and Magento, directly and securely to the NetDespatch servers. The  same despatch and delivery data is used to print carrier compliant labels and  documentation, and is then forwarded to the
selected postal or parcel carrier,  ensuring that information is entered just once and that parcels are delivered to  the right place at the right time.

There are no costs involved for installation,  training or support, and the system is available  instantly


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