Escher Group awarded Patent for its electronic business postal system – The system manages the two way communication of messages between mailboxes and portals through a network of secured system end points.


Escher Group Holdings plc. (AIM: ESCH, ‘Escher’ or ‘the Group’), the world-leading provider of outsourced, point-of-service software to the postal industry, has announced that its electronic business postal system has received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. With this system, authenticated users can send and receive digital mailings from Personal Portals, Business Portals or Mailbox Portals.

This Electronic Business Postal System patent, along with its previously announced Digital Mailbox System patent, is the foundation for Escher’s RiposteTrEx ™ digital services product.

Liam Church, Chief Executive of Escher Group said: “These patent awards are a strong endorsement of Escher’s IP and expertise in interactive digital communications and digital mail services.

“Portal systems, mobile apps and digital mailbox systems are an ever increasing feature of our digital world. There is an increasing need for these to interact and allow transactional and other data to be transferred in a standard and secure way.  Our technology enables the high speed and secure transfer of digital mailings between these types of systems.”

The patent granted to Escher in the United States is U.S. Pat. No. 8,600,912 B2,”Electronic Business Postal System” and the patent granted in Singapore is P-No. 169657, “Electronic Business Postal System”.


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