The South African Post Office licenses Escher’s digital mail platform, RiposteTrEx™


Escher Group announces that the South African Post Office has selected the RiposteTrEx™ platform to deliver its eRegistered mail solution following a rigorous tender process. The South African Post Office will, through this platform, provide eRegistered mail services to the country’s more than 51 million citizens.

Escher’s solution, RiposteTrEx™ is a secure, scalable high preforming platform for “digital correspondence”. The RiposteTrEx™ platform heralds a new phase in the evolution of secure e-services and digital communication.

Pauline Kenna, Director of Digital Services at Escher Group said:

“We at Escher have focused a lot of time and investment into understanding the rapidly changing communications landscape, and how citizens are looking to be connected in a secure and accessible manner. The whole Escher team is looking forward to delivering RiposteTrEx™ to the South African Post Office”.

RiposteTrEx™ will allow South African Post users including, citizens, Government, Business and SME’s to send e-Registered and confidential mail to secure digital mailboxes, or as registered hybrid letters.

Liam Church, Chief Executive of Escher Group said:

“Consistent with our goal to help Posts provide more services to Government, I am delighted that the South African Post Office has chosen Escher’s RiposteTrEx™ platform to deliver digital services to the country’s citizens. RiposteTrex™ is our solution for eGovernment, allowing citizens, governments and businesses to communicate and transact with each other anytime and from anywhere. This capability will be key as more governments evaluate their digital services provision.”


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