Escher Group solves the geographic challenges of New Caledonia Post – A social mission to reach everyone, Riposte software delivers


Escher Group recently completed installation of its Riposte software for New Caledonia Post, unifying multiple Post locations throughout the expanse of islands and consolidating all transactions at one data center. With long-time partner OPT, the designated postal operator of the French overseas territory, Escher Group completed the implementation of 180 workstations across 37 branches. Today, Escher Group’s software supports over 1,000 OPT employees and services over 245,000 inhabitants of the archipelago.

Escher Group’s Riposte software enables New Caledonia Post to not only facilitate mail but also provide solutions in bill payment, banking, money orders and transfers as well as other vital services to the community. In addition, for the first time in its history, New Caledonia Post now has complete visibility over the activities of each of their offices, and is able to manage its network of branches and business operations from one primary location.

As part of New Caledonia Post’s social mission to make its services conveniently available to everyone, Escher Group’s Riposte software is installed at all traditional branches as well as on mobile terminals carrying out 54 mobile post rounds every week, visiting every area within the Archipelago.

This Riposte software implementation has been affectionately coined, OLETI, as a reference to the word ‘Thank You’ in Drehu language from the New Caledonian Island of Lifou.

Escher Group CEO Liam Church: “The geographical dispersion of the territory and the particular importance of their social mission made it vital for New Caledonia Post to equip itself with a state of the art solution. Riposte ensures convenient access to and timely delivery of all services to inhabitants of even the most remote islands, many whom rely on these benefits for a living.”

Gilles Pichon, OPT New Caledonia: “I really feel that OLETI is a federative software. Everyone was motivated, and all were involved. Much more than a technical project, OLETI is a real company’s project and a remarkable human adventure. The Escher solution and technical support has enabled us to completely modernize the 40 post offices and completely reshape our telecom, postal and banking processes, all within a defined time frame. This is a great improvement for our customers.”

In addition to enabling New Caledonia Post to accomplish its social mission, OPT selected Escher as the solution of choice for the company’s proven ability to improve the teller/client relationship, speed up transaction processing, reduce queuing times, centralize management of stock and sales, automate consolidation of transaction data in real time as well as automate accounting processes at local branch levels, which were previously performed manually.


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